3 Benefits of Visiting the Best Neck Surgeon for Your Needs

About 30% of the population has a neck issue. Common neck issues include pain and numbness. When these become chronic issues, they can interfere with one's daily living. If you suffer from a chronic neck issue, you don't have to let it affect your life. There's no need to let it become severe and cause disability. You [...]

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Why You Should Consider Neurosurgery in Nashville, TN

Did you know that Harvey Cushing is the father of modern neurological surgery? He became a pioneer of brain surgery after becoming the first neurosurgeon. Since then, neuroscience has developed amazing methods to heal the world. Neurosurgery is capable of treating many debilitating diseases. And a neurosurgeon can help identify problems with your brain, vertebrae, [...]

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3 Tips for Finding Spinal Surgeons Near You

There are over 1 million spine procedures performed every year. That includes 1.62 million instrumented procedures and 352,000 interbody fusions. It's one of the most common surgeries because it contributes to one of the most common medical problems; back pain. Finding relief without developing complications means finding a qualified, experienced surgeon.  Read on to learn 3 [...]

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Do You Have a Middle Back Injury? How a Back Doctor Can Help

Chronic back pain affects 16 million adults here in the United States. Patients with severe back pain are more likely to miss work and spend days laid up in bed.  If you're dealing with a middle back injury causing you to miss out on work and other activities, there are solutions. Visiting a back doctor [...]

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Surgery for a Lumbar Disc Herniation: What to Expect

Did you know that over 500,000 people have back surgery each year in the United States? One of the most common types of back surgery is for a herniated disc, but not everybody understands the details or surgery risks. We've put together a brief guide that outlines everything you need to know about lumbar disc [...]

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Lumbar Spinal Stenosis 101: Causes, Symptoms, and Treatment Options

Do you suffer from chronic lower back pain? If so, you're not alone. After all, most people spend so much time sitting at home and the office that lumbar spine discomfort becomes almost inevitable. This is especially true for anyone who spends many hours each day seated in front of their computer. The result is [...]

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Back and Spine Doctor: Back Surgery Recovery Timeline

Every year, about 15 million Americans will undergo some type of spinal surgery. Because it's such a routine procedure, serious complications are uncommon. However, many patients voice concerns over how long it will take for them to recover. Before you undergo surgery, your back and spine doctor will always have a detailed conversation about what [...]

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Surgical Center Near Me: What To Pack When Going for Surgery

Can you imagine going through surgery at a spine surgery center without anesthesia? Think back to a time when all that surgeons had to use were medicinal plants and alcohol!  Today when you search 'spinal surgeons near me,' will your questions relate to surgery advice rather than their anesthesia protocol? Most certainly.  If you're getting ready to [...]

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Spinal Fusion Procedure: What You Need to Know

About 1.62 million instrumented spinal procedures are performed in the US each year. About 352,000 of these procedures interbody fusions. If you have a spinal disorder that's making movement painful, you might want to consider a spinal fusion procedure as well. What exactly does this spinal surgery entail? Read on to find out! After reviewing this [...]

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Spine Surgery Center: What Does Spine Surgery Cost?

Has your spine been killing you for a while? You may want to schedule surgery to help relieve the pain, but you should consider the amount your spine surgery center may charge. A lot goes into determining the average spine surgery cost. Be sure you consider the procedure you need and the insurance coverage you [...]

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