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At Howell Allen, our team are leaders in spine surgery and considered the best back surgeon in the field. Our team of specialists utilize the most advanced techniques in diagnosing and treating any back/spinal conditions you may be experiencing. If you have been prone to any persistent back or spinal issues, our physicians are ready to see you! Let us restore your quality of life. Come and see us at Howell Allen today!

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Lumbar Instrumented Spinal Fusion

Lumbar Instrumented Spinal Fusions are one of the most common spinal procedures we do at Howell Allen Clinic. Our team uses minimally invasive techniques that make us the best back surgeons.

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Decompressive Lumbar Laminectomy

Another common surgery we perform at Howell Allen is a procedure called Decompressive Lumbar Laminectomy. This is the most common procedure for treating spinal stenosis in the lower back. 

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Lumbar Microdiscectomy

The gold standard for removing the herniated portion of a disc, a Lumbar Microdiscectomy is performed when a herniated disc is present in your spine causing arm or leg pain.

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Our team of expert physicians is the #1 group of best back surgeons in the Middle Tennessee/Southern Kentucky in handling all of your spine and back surgical needs. We have created a team of surgeons from the best medical schools and neurological training programs. Each member of our team is board-certified or board-eligible and credentialed at the highest level of achievement.

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 Upper Back

Experiencing excruciating back pain can hinder your body from allowing you to live the life you want. When nonsurgical treatments for back pain fail, one trip to Howell Allen Clinic will bring you back to your normal speed in no time. Surgical procedures to correct any upper back pain you may be experiencing are determined by what is the root cause of the pain. This typically involved removing what is causing the pain and then fusing the spine back together once it is removed. Removing the tissue will help decompress your spine, while fusing it back together will aid in the stabilization process.

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Middle Back

Although a fairly uncommon area to injury or experience pain, middle back injuries can cause significant pain and discomfort when they do occur. The most common occurrence of pain in this region comes from muscle-related overuse or compression fractures. Many times, surgery in the thoracic spinal region (area from below the neck to the abdomen) is needed if there is a fracture, spinal stenosis, herniated disc, or severe scoliosis. 

 Lower Back

Our team of the best back surgeons do an excellent job of diagnosing lower back issues and seeking out the best course of treatment. Most lower back procedures are either an attempt to decompress whatever is pressing on the root of a nerve or to fuse the spinal column together for stability. Our physicians will provide you with the best quality of care possible to get you back on your feet quickly.

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