The human neck is one of the most complex systems in the body. The various movements of the head are only possible due to the coordination of 20 unique neck muscles. Given that delicate balance, injuries, conditions, or repetitive movements can lead to damage that requires finding the best spinal surgeons near me. Are you searching for the best neck surgeon in Middle Tennessee?

Read on to learn what you should look for when researching the best back and spine doctor in your area. 

Ask If They Are Board-Certified

Board certification requires additional training. For neck surgeons, this extra training comes through the American Board of Orthopaedic Surgery.

Board certification can only be earned once the doctor has completed his or her residency. Most spine surgeons display their ABOS certifications on their websites or office.

Read Reviews is a great website for reviewing spine surgery center reviews. These online resources can also help you learn if the surgeon is the best for treating your specific spinal disorder. allows patients to rate physicians by one to five stars. Keep in mind that even the best surgeons can receive negative reviews. Someone who has a bad experience is more motivated to give a poor rating than someone who received quality medical treatment. 

Online reviews should be one of several factors considered when deciding on the back and spine doctor who can best address your needs. 

Schedule a Consultation

As you begin to narrow down your list of spine surgeons, you should prepare to schedule a consultation. Some offices will encourage you to schedule a meeting with the surgeon but others may not. Any doctor who does not want to meet with the patient before a procedure should be considered questionable at best.

Come prepared with questions. A good surgeon will always listen intensively to your queries and answer your questions thoroughly. All concerns are valid and should be considered as such by the doctor. 

You can evaluate the surgeon for your spinal fusion or other procedure based on his or her answers and demeanor. The relationship between a surgeon and patient is important, and their bedside manner and repour should also be factors that you consider when looking for the best neck surgeon in Tennessee. 

Don’t forget to ask how many times the surgeon has performed the specific type of surgery you are seeking. As with any skill, practice and experience are important. You can also ask about post-surgical pain, how it will be treated, and the risk of side effects or complications. 

Schedule Your Consultation with the Best Neck Surgeon Today

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