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Meet the surgeons of Howell Allen Clinic who for over forty years have served Middle Tennessee by providing world-class surgical care of the brain and spine. From our original three founding members, we have grown to sixteen of the best neurosurgeon in the field specialty-trained treating the whole range of brain and spine conditions. Today, the Howell Allen Clinic continues to lead the way by embracing cutting edge technology to bring our patients relief sooner.

Howell Allen Group
dr aaronson

Oran Aaronson, M.D.

dr abram

Steven Abram, M.D.

dr gordon

William E. Gordon, M.D.

dr hampf

Carl Hampf, M.D.

dr hubbard

Jason Hubbard, M.D., FAANS, FACS

dr lanford

Gregory Lanford, M.D., FAANS

dr lebow

Richard Lebow, M.D. FAANS

dr methews

Douglas Mathews, M.D.

dr mccombs

Paul McCombs, M.D.

Clint Morgan, M.D.

dr oshaughnessy

Brian O’Shaughnessy, M.D.

dr parker

Scott L. Parker, M.D.

David T. Parrella, M.D.

dr reig

Adam Reig, M.D.

dr schoettle

Timothy Schoettle, M.D.

dr spooner

John Spooner, M.D.

dr standand

Scott Standard, M.D.

dr wright

Ernest Wright, M.D.


Dr. Ali Shirzadi

Ali Shirzadi, M.D.

Dr Eli Headshot

Ilyas Eli, M.D.

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