Welcome Note

howell allen The Howell Allen Clinic was founded to provide top-rate patient care and expand neurosurgical practices for middle Tennessee, southern Kentucky and northern Alabama.

Twenty-four years later, Drs. Everette Howell and Vaughan Allen lead the area’s leading neurosurgery clinic with eight locations to meet patients’ needs through diagnosis, neurosurgical care, pain management, and physical therapy.

Our team of physicians, nurses, clinic and office staff are devoted to providing excellence in patient care.

Our Mission

The Howell Allen Clinic is dedicated to excellence in patient care through the comprehensive evaluation, diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the brain, spinal cord, and spinal and peripheral nerves.

We are committed to providing exceptional clinical care and service, utilizing the latest advances in neurological surgery. Our patients benefit from minimally invasive procedures, smaller incisions and accelerated recovery periods.

Graduates of the nation’s best medical schools and neurosurgical training programs, our surgeons are credentialed and board-certified at the highest levels of professional achievement, resulting in unparalleled expertise in the field of neurosurgery.