Around 500,000 lumbar spine surgeries are completed annually in the United States. These spinal surgeries fuse vertebrae and decompress nerves that are causing pain.

It’s a major surgery that requires pre-op and post-op care to have the most success. A patient who has their ducks in a row before the surgery has an easier recovery time.

These preparations are simple enough to complete when your body is moving easily. When you’re struggling to walk or bend over, it’s much tougher.

These top three tips prepare your body and home for your upcoming surgery at the spine surgery center. Keep reading to learn about them!

1. Adjust Your Lifestyle

For the best outcome of your spinal surgery, prepare your body beforehand. Adjust your lifestyle by cutting out smoking and introducing healthy food.

Smoking is detrimental to your bones and lends itself to poor improvement after surgery. Smokers also experience greater post-op pain.

The risk of infection is much higher due to the carbon monoxide in the body. Spinal fusion may not be as successful due to smoking.

A healthy diet makes your body strong, which is essential for both surgery and recovery. Avoid processed, fatty and sugary foods.

Add fruits, vegetables, and lean meats into your diet regimen. Make sure you’re getting ample amounts of fiber post-surgery to avoid constipation. Pain relievers are known to cause constipation.

2. Prepare Your Home

You won’t be moving and bending as much as you may be used to after surgery. Take steps to arrange your home to best suit your needs now.

Your surgeon should tell you if you’ll be allowed to use stairs post-op. If you can’t, move all of your necessities to the main floor.

Your bed, clothes, and other essentials need to be within easy reach. If that’s not possible for you, consider staying with family or a friend who doesn’t have stairs.

Consider where food and spices are currently located. Do they need to be moved up or down some shelves?

Prepare or buy some convenient meals for your recovery. That way you’re not standing and preparing ingredients for a long time.

It may help you to buy a grabber tool. Something that extends to reach a few feet away is useful when you can’t use a step stool.

3. Gather Medical Necessities

Get all of your medications and supplements before surgery. A pill box helps arrange your medications before you’re in too much pain to think.

Talk to your back and spine doctor about the supplements you’re taking and if you need to stop for a while. Some interfere with medications.

A toilet seat riser makes going to the bathroom easier after surgery. Ask your surgeon if they think that you’ll need a folding walker.

Contact Your Spine Surgery Center

If you have questions, simply ask your spine surgery center. Your surgeon knows what you need to make this process smooth.

Always keep your follow-up appointments. They’re on the calendar for a reason!

Take care of your body and listen to your pain responses. Don’t push yourself too hard too soon.

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