Everyone gets spinal fusion surgery for different reasons, but there is one reason every prospective patient shares: a desire to reduce spinal pain. Knowing this, it is time to explore what is spinal fusion, what spinal fusion recovery looks like, and everything else to know about spinal fusion—including how it could improve someone’s movement. 

Keep reading to learn more about spinal fusion operation and if it may be the right choice for you or a loved one. 

What Is Spinal Fusion?

Spinal fusion is a special procedure where the vertebrae are fused with parts of your spine. This helps decrease the amount of movement between them, which could be leading to pain. 

When you break a bone, your bones need to heal and fuse back together. In a way, spinal fusion surgery is similar to this natural process.

The Spinal Fusion Operation

A spinal fusion operation is done by placing material between the spine and vertebrae. This material is meant to be a bone replacement since you do not have an actual bone to put there. 

This material is kept in place by rods, screws, or other medical-grade tools. After the surgery, they should heal together. 

Spinal fusion surgery is considered to be a safe procedure. 

Why People Get Spinal Fusion Surgery

One of the most common reasons people get spinal fusion surgery is to reduce back pain. Sometimes if the pain is so severe, it is worth it to get spinal fusion surgery. 

There are a variety of other reasons people get spinal fusion surgery as well. 

Deformities of the Spine

When there are deformities located in the spine, spinal fusion surgery can help eliminate the issue.

For people who have severe scoliosis, spinal fusion surgery does not only eliminate their pain. It also brings posture improvement immediately, which puts less stress on their back. 

Part of Healing from a Herniated Disk

If someone had a herniated disk removed, then spinal fusion surgery can be the next step in their healing process. 

A spinal fusion operation, in this case, is a way to help bring stability to the spine. 

Make the Spine More Stable

In general, if your spine is curved or you suffer from other spine-related ailments—like degenerative disk disease—spinal fusion can make the spine more stable. This allows you to live a better life that is more pain-free.

Movement becomes less painful thanks to spinal fusion surgery. 

What Happens After Surgery

After surgery, you need to be patient for healing time. Physical therapy is one part of the healing process that you will need post-op. 

As time goes on, you may notice differences in pain management. Slowly, you will find ways to move in spinal fusion recovery. 

The More You Know About Spinal Fusion

Spinal fusion can be a wonderful way to decrease back pain when it involves more serious physical health problems in your back. Before you go through with it, though, you need to have a surgeon you can trust. 

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