Laminectomy is a common neurosurgical procedure. The procedure treats a variety of spinal conditions, and primarily focuses on relieving back pain. A cervical laminectomy surgery focuses on the neck area. There are several different reasons why an individual feels pain or pressure along their spinal cord. A cervical laminectomy may be recommended to relieve that pain or correct serious issues.

In this article, we will take a closer look at a cervical laminectomy procedure, and what to expect from it.

What is a Cervical Laminectomy?

There are several different types of laminectomy. Each one addresses a specific area of the spine.

A cervical laminectomy focuses on relieving pain in the cervical spine area. The cervical spine is the neck area – from the base of the skull to the shoulder area. 

A laminectomy is typically recommended when other medical treatment stops working or no longer works. If medication, physical therapy, or other forms of treatment are not working, you may be a candidate for laminectomy. 

The Symptoms

A cervical laminectomy may only be recommended by a qualified doctor. But, neck pain, back pain, or spine pressure may be indicators that you are a good candidate for the surgery.

Don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor about unusual symptoms you may experience. Keep them up-to-date on your pain symptoms if they are ongoing. 

The Procedure

Deciding to proceed with any kind of spinal surgery is intimidating. But the pain-relieving benefits tend to outweigh a person’s doubts.

A cervical laminectomy removes a small part of the spine. The lamina lies within the inside of the back of each vertebra.

In a laminectomy, the lamina is mostly removed from the vertebra, creating more room within the spinal column. This helps to relieve pressure on your spinal cord.

Sometimes cervical laminectomy and fusion are recommended. This procedure creates even more room for the spinal cord, but can have an effect on mobility.

The Recovery

Although cervical laminectomy is a common procedure, it is still major surgery.

Cervical laminectomy recovery time will vary from person to person. You can expect a stay in the hospital. One to two days is normal, but more time is not unusual.

Recovery at home generally takes four to six weeks. The medical team will provide specific instructions for your return home. Some recommendations for recovery include:

  • Limited mobility
  • Modified or assisted walking
  • Pain management 
  • Medical clearance to drive again

Life After Surgery

A successful procedure ensures that your pain level is much less. Life after cervical laminectomy surgery should be much more mobile. There should be a significant reduction in pain.

Your doctor and medical team will continue to monitor your results as time progresses.

Work with the Best

If you are a candidate for cervical laminectomy, work with the best team you can. At Howell Allen, our physician team employs an excellent selection of surgeons. You will experience top-notch care and follow-up at every appointment.

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