Back problems are unfortunately all too common. 266 million patients worldwide are diagnosed with lower back pain. While most cases of back pain can be treated without surgery, there are times when spinal surgery is necessary.

While this seems scary, understand that there are many minimally invasive options available. What is minimally invasive spine surgery? These procedures relieve pain and pressure while using smaller incisions. Patients will suffer less damage to back muscles, resulting in faster recovery and less pain.

What are your options? Here are the different types of minimally invasive spine surgery.

Spinal Stenosis Decompression

Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spaces in your spine, which puts pressure on your nerves. Common side effects include pain, weakness, and numbness.

Spinal decompression can correct these issues. This procedure uses a small incision to open up your spinal column and frees up any obstructions, putting less pressure on your nerves.

Vertebroplasty and Kyphoplasty

If you have osteoporosis and similar conditions, you may have some compression fractures. Now, you can repair these fractures in a minimally invasive way.

These repairs are called vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty. The surgeon places a hollow needle into the fractured vertebrae, applying a bone cement to the fractured area. The cement hardens and strengthens the vertebrae.

Herniated Disc Removal

If you do have a herniated disc, you can remove it using minimally invasive methods, as well. The surgeon will remove a portion of the herniated disc that’s compressing spinal nerves.

They access the disc by only making a small incision. This avoids the issues that come with full surgical procedures and decreases damage to back muscles.

Artificial Disc Replacement

If a patient suffered serious damage to their spinal discs, they previously required a spine fusion. Now, patients have another option — artificial disc replacement. The damaged disc(s) is replaced with a synthetic one.

The result is improved movement and enhances overall back health. Most patients also report improved posture. Your surgeon will use smaller surgical instruments, resulting in faster recovery and less pain.

Are You a Good Candidate for the Different Types of Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

There are many types of minimally invasive spine surgery. But are you a good candidate? If you’re suffering from back pain, it may be time to speak to an expert and get the best treatment.

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