Did you know that almost 14 million new neurological cases arise globally each year? Almost half of all surgical cases are from traumatic brain injuries (TBI). 

How do you know if you need neurosurgery? When most people think of neurosurgery, they assume that a surgeon is going to drill into their brain. 

However, many cases requiring surgery also involve the spine. The best neurosurgeon will provide you with options that will provide you with quality results that are minimally invasive. 

Types of Neurological Disorders

Neurological problems arise in many populations across the globe. These can stem from little things such as a pinched nerve in your spine to life-threatening issues like an aneurysm. It is important that you understand what conditions might require surgical intervention.

If you have bleeding, damage to the layers of the brain, or a blood clot then you need a neurosurgeon immediately. Many car accidents involve damage to the brain and spine and you should be taken to the hospital as soon as possible. Often, a neurosurgeon can prevent brain damage or paralysis with prompt treatment. 

Other neurological diagnoses aren’t as obvious for surgery. These include things like Parkinson’s, epilepsy, and migraines.

However, migraines or frequent headaches might qualify you to see a neurosurgeon. Sometimes a headache can be a secondary cause to larger problems like a stroke or TBI. It is important that if you see a sudden change in your headaches, or notice other physical side effects, that you seek emergent care.  

Neurosurgeons can also treat disorders like acoustic neuroma. This is a non-cancerous tumor that is found in the ear, and if left untreated, can cause hearing loss. It also leads to vertigo and other discomforts that can be readily resolved by a trip to a neurosurgeon near you. 

What Is a Neurosurgeon?

A neurosurgeon is under the classification of a neurologist except they perform surgery. Oftentimes, a neurosurgeon doesn’t just perform emergency surgeries as you see in the movies. They are highly skilled surgeons that use cutting-edge technology to help treat a number of patients. 

Neurosurgeons work on the brain, spine, and nerves. They can treat something even as simple as carpal tunnel syndrome. 

However, these doctors can also perform life-saving operations that include brain tumor resections and neuroendovascular surgeries. This specific surgery is minimally invasive and involves a catheter threaded through the artery in your leg to help treat aneurysms and other abnormalities in your blood vessels.  

If you’re dealing with chronic back or neck pain, a neurosurgeon might also be involved. They can help treat bulging discs, nerve pain, or in severe cases, quadriplegia. 

How to Find the Best Neurosurgeon

Your neurosurgeon should be highly specialized in their field and hold appropriate certifications. They should also be in a facility that has the most up-to-date technology that their staff members have been trained on.

This way you can ensure that you are being treated by a specialist who is educated, skilled, and thorough in their work. Neurosurgery in Nashville, TN has some of the top surgeons in the country. 

You can find the best neurosurgeon at a specialized clinic near you and rest easy knowing you are in the hands of capable clinicians to meet your ailments.