At least 15% of adults in the US experience neck pain that lasts at least a full day. Many see this develop into a chronic problem.

This has led to an increase in head and neck surgeries. There are at least 163,781 inpatient and 257,402 outpatient procedures performed every year.

There’s also been an increase in the number of neck surgeons you can see. You need to find a qualified professional who knows why you’re in pain and how to fix it thanks to years of experience.

Read on to learn how to find the best neck surgeon for your needs.

Look At Their Credentials

One of the most important factors in choosing a neck surgeon is making sure they’re qualified. Medical professionals should always post their credentials and certifications where they’re easy to see in their practice and on their website. It’s an important way to ensure patients that they’ve entered the office of a qualified professional.

Doctors are only required to be licensed in the state their practice is located in. They don’t have to be board-certified, but you should check your local medical board’s website to see if they are because it makes them more credible.

Choose the Right Specialization

There is a wide range of causes and conditions that lead to neck pain, but a few of the most common problems that patients experience are:

  • Pinched nerves
  • Spinal cord compression
  • Broken necks

Look for a neck surgeon that specializes in the problem you’re experiencing. Make sure they have experience with the procedures and treatments you need.

Look at Reviews and Ratings

Word of mouth is a great way to find quality professionals in any field, including neck surgery. Ask your friends, family, and even your family doctor who they think the best local surgeon is.

Once you’ve asked everyone you know, go to the internet. Over 80% of patients want to read at least 6 online reviews before selecting a provider. 73% base their decision on how positive the review is, 72% look at how recent it is, and 54% rely on the overall star rating.

Visit Them First

The best way to find the right neck surgeon for you is to schedule an initial appointment that’s about nothing more than communicating your needs and concerns. Walk around the practice to look for clearly displayed credentials and clean waiting and exam rooms.

Make sure you get as much time as you need to speak with the surgeon. Communication is key, so make sure they answer all of your questions. If they can’t, you won’t be able to feel comfortable with them. It may also be a sign that they may not be experienced enough to explain anything in detail.

The Best Neck Surgeon in Nashville

Neck pain is a common problem with several forms and causes, and it can be difficult to figure out how to solve it. When it becomes severe, speaking to a professional is the best way to find relief.

Look for a certified neck surgeon that specializes in the procedure you need. Use word-of-round recommendations and online reviews to inform your choice. Speak to the surgeon about any concerns you have.

The Howell Allen Clinic can connect you with a qualified Nashville neck surgeon. Contact us today to get started.