The number of spinal surgeries has increased rapidly over the decade. With people sitting at desks all day and not practicing proper ergonomics, the number of back problems across the country has begun to increase.

With this increase, however, comes innovation. That’s where robotic spine surgery comes in.

At first, it may sound scary, but it might actually be safer than traditional spine surgery. Read on to learn all about the benefits.

1. Speedy Recovery

One of the biggest downsides of traditional surgery is the loss of normalcy that follows many of them — especially when you’ve had a spine injury. Many athletes, and even office workers, have to take a leave of absence after they’ve had surgery to recover both physically and mentally.

It can take days, weeks, or even months to make a full recovery, but it’s different with robotic spine surgery.

Since robotic spine surgery is minimally invasive and more precise, recovery times are naturally going to be faster than they would normally be. This means you can get back to living your life faster than you might with traditional spine surgery.

2. Smaller Scars

While traditional surgery may require large incisions, robotic surgery doesn’t. With the help of a robotic mapping of your body, you’re going to smaller scars, if any at all.

You’re also going to be putting your body through less trauma altogether, which will make your overall recovery that much easier.

3. Reduced Damage

When you have conventional spinal surgery, blood loss and damage to muscle tissue are naturally occurring. With robotic spinal surgery, however, these things aren’t as harsh.

Robots allow surgeons to separate muscle tissues rather than tearing directly through them. Normally, those torn muscle tissues lead to blood loss, but the separation used here cuts down on that.

4. Less Post-Op Pain

Since the trauma of robotic spine surgery is much smaller than that of traditional surgery, you’re going to be in less pain once all is said and done. It’s also going to mean less pay medication for you, which is a great thing in the long run.

This, combined with proper ergonomics if you work at a desk, will ensure that you have less spine pain and less chance of being injured again.

5. Shorter Hospital Stay

With the help of robotic spine surgery, you’re also going to have a shorter hospital stay. Many patients actually get to go home the very next day once their surgery is done.

Since you get to leave earlier, your chance of contracting a hospital-related infection decreases dramatically as well.

Ready for Robotic Spine Surgery?

Now that you’ve learned all about the benefits of robotic spine surgery, it’s time to get started. If you have spinal surgery coming up, or it’s something you know you may have to deal with, be sure to consider the possibility of robotic surgery today.

If you’re interested in learning more, contact us today to get started.