Are you dealing with back pain?

Chronic back or neck pain can cause a crippling and lasting negative effect on a patient’s life. Patients usually seek help first from their family or primary care doctor. However, if you need to undergo spinal surgery, you will want to opt for the best back surgeon.

A successful spine surgery begins with the right surgeon. There are two kinds of spinal surgeons you can consult. Neurosurgeons deal with nerves on the back, while orthopedic surgeons fix the spine’s position.

Regardless of which one you choose, you’ll want the best one to help your case. Learn how to choose the best back surgeon with these 4 expert tips.

1. Know Their Experience in Surgery

When looking for the best back surgeon, the first thing you should know is their experience. After all, the back is a delicate part of the body. One wrong move can make the lower half not work, so a lot of experience and skill is essential for success.

If you need to undergo a specific procedure, ask if the doctor has performed it beforehand. Figure out the risks on what you and the doctor can encounter, and ask how they address them. This will help you know whether the surgeon is confident in their skill or not.

2. Research on the Work Place’s History

Another factor you should know on how to choose a back surgeon is the hospital where they do the surgeries. It will help you in distinguishing the quality of services they provide for patients.

Look if the hospital is well-equipped in doing the spinal surgery. It’s essential to know as hospitals with better equipment face fewer problems and have a better success rate.

Additionally, consider the location of the hospital. After the orthopedic procedures, you will need to go to frequent follow-up checkups. A closer hospital offers convenience as it will not cause a lot of irritation and pain in the back.

3. Check Surgeon Credentials

To verify the orthopedic surgeon’s legitimacy, they should be board certified or eligible. You can always see that certificate hanging on their wall or the front door of the clinic. However, for web pages, you can see the surgeon’s credentials in the “About” section of the page.

Lastly, make sure they’re members of respected associations. The North American Spine Society (NASS) or the American Board of Spine Surgeons (ABSS) are good examples.

4. Look at Reviews and Referrals

Another way you can learn about a spine surgeon is by checking out reviews on their pages. The best spine surgeon always gets good reviews whenever a satisfied patient leaves. However, if you want a more personal recommendation, you can always ask your friend for a referral.

They’ll only recommend good surgeons to you. A recommendation from them means you’ll have a good experience with the surgeon they suggest.

Get Yourself the Best Back Surgeon Today

Having to deal with constant back pains can be irritating and painful to handle. If your doctor tells you that you need to undergo back surgery, you will only want the best. Get yourself the best back surgeon today and see how effective his/her work can help you for the better.

We hope this guide helps you in looking for a back surgeon. Are you having other problems with your back area? Contact us today, so we can help you resolve the problem.