Did you know that some situations as simple as a pinched nerve can cause deterioration in your ability to use your hands if left untreated? Damage can often become permanent if you delay care to correcting the issue which could result in a disability that you may have for a lifetime.

To address any back or spine concerns that you have you’ll want to visit a qualified spine surgery center. Howell Allen works to provide excellent patient-based care while using the latest advances in spine and brain surgery.

Why Would You Need to Visit a Spine Surgery Center?

If you require any type of spinal surgery this will be the main reason why you would seek to visit a spine surgery center. Spinal surgery is generally performed to correct any spinal pathologies that might be causing you acute or continuous pain.

If you have tried other types of treatments that may not have worked before and your pain is still persistent, spinal surgery may be the most appropriate option for you.

The purpose of surgery is to alleviate any pain that you may have, to correct misalignment that may be causing pain, or to correct an injury to different portions of the spine.

Certain surgeries can take pressure off of pinched nerves and eliminate numbness that may radiate to different parts of your body. Some also relieve pressure on your spinal cord from bone spurs or any other issues that you may already be aware of.

How Does an Initial Appointment at a Spine Surgery Center Generally Go?

For your first spine surgery appointment, you can expect to have the opportunity to express your concerns, get answers to questions that you may have, and receive professional recommendations from a credentialed neurosurgeon. Here’s what you can expect for your first visit:

  • Share your health history with the office care team and your surgeon
  • Express your issues or concerns with your surgeon
  • Have a complete exam done
  • Have X-rays taken (if necessary)
  • Schedule for your second visit

Keep in mind that your first visit is meant for your surgeon to understand the issues that you have. They may also take a look at what may be going on from a radiological standpoint.

Your second visit will be more directed toward configuring a specific health and surgery plan if necessary after going through results from your x-rays and any tests that you may have had to take during your first visit.

What Do I Do to Alleviate Anxiety?

Having your first appointment at a spine surgery center can be overwhelming. You want to make sure that you ask questions so that you can get answers and eliminate any feeling of uncertainty.

Due to the pain that you may currently be experiencing or may have been experiencing for the past few years, try focusing on the benefits of the surgery and how different your life will be after your recovery.

The team at Howell Allen is comprised of graduates from the nation’s top medical schools and neurological training programs. All surgeons on the team are credentialed and board-certified.

So, if you are experiencing nervousness or stress about your procedure feel free to express your concerns with your surgeon.

How to Find the Best Spinal Surgeon

Finding the best spine surgery center with a capable surgeon near you is as simple as clicking here. At Howell Allen, the main goal is to have patients benefit from procedures that are minimally invasive with smaller incisions and notably accelerated recovery timeframes.