Readmission rates are rare, but 15% of patients find that they require medical care within 30 days of undergoing surgery. One way you can reduce the risk of side effects and readmission is by working with the best surgeon or spine surgeon in your area. 

Are you looking for a surgical center near me? As you begin your search, keep these five qualities in mind. Choosing the right surgical center can ensure that you enjoy optimal health following surgery and a quicker recovery. 

1. Cutting-Edge Technology

The best surgeons work with the best technology available. The field of back and spine surgery is constantly evolving, and you should ask doctors if they work with the latest and most advanced imaging and other forms of technology. 

At Howell Allen Clinic, we utilize the latest advances in spine and brain surgery. Our surgical center offers the cutting-edge Mazor X robotic arm.

Spinal surgery using the device makes use of small incisions. This allows for a shorter hospital stay and faster recover.

2. Patient-Centered Care

Not every surgical center follows tenants of patient-centered care. The best hospitals and medical centers prioritize the comfort and well-being of patients at every stage of their medical journey.

Every step, from booking to surgery and recovery, should be a seamless experience. Patient-centered care informs and educates patients so they are empowered to make the right personal decisions. Read reviews, ask questions, and pay attention to the language on a surgical center’s website to see if they follow this approach to providing care. 

3. Transparent Pricing

By the time you meet with your surgeon to discuss your procedure in detail, he or she should be willing to go over the cost factors related to your procedure. Beyond giving an estimate, your surgeon or a member of their team should be willing to break down the cost factors involved in your procedure. 

4. Experience

Experience plays a huge role in determining which surgical center you choose. At Howell Allen Clinic, our physicians are some of the most experienced and highly trained doctors in the region.

Each of our surgeons is board-certified and accredited at the highest levels. We have proudly served the Middle Tennessee area for over 40 years. 

5. Coordinated Care

Coordinated care means that the surgical center works quickly with internal and external departments. This ensures timely and quality care.

Do you require bloodwork or rehabilitation after your procedure? You can expect the team at Howell Allen Clinic to always communicate and carefully coordinate each step of your surgery and recovery. 

Contact Your Surgical Center Near Me

Working with the best surgeon can improve health outcomes. Each quality outlined in this blog should be considered carefully. If you are looking for a surgical center near me, we welcome you to learn about Howell Allen Clinic. 

Please fill out our online contact form to start the process. One of our team members will connect you with a qualified doctor.