Each year, over 22 million people struggle with conditions that require neurosurgery. Neurosurgery is more common than you think.

Most people have never had neurosurgery explained to them in the past, so they have plenty of misconceptions about what it actually entails and what neurosurgeons do. We’re here to clear up some of those misconceptions. 

Read on to learn all about a few common myths about neurosurgery in Nashville TN (and the facts!).

1. Neurosurgeons Only Perform Surgery

This is a huge and reasonable misconception about neurosurgery and neurosurgeons. Believe it or not, not all visits to a neurosurgeon will result in surgery. 

Neurosurgeons can also diagnose and treat neurological problems with methods other than surgery. As a matter of fact, surgery is often the last resort. Neurosurgeons are specialists who can do surgery, but they’re specialists first and foremost. 

Don’t wait until you’ve run out of options to see a neurosurgeon. They won’t jump to surgery as their first bit of neurosurgery advice unless there’s no other viable option. 

2. Neurosurgeons Only Work on the Brain

This is another misconception that makes complete sense. If you ask someone “What is neurosurgery?”, most people will answer that it’s brain surgery. Neurosurgeons do work on the brain, but that’s not all they do. 

Neurosurgeons also work on the spine and spinal cord. While not all surgeons who operate on the spine are neurosurgeons, neurosurgeons are the ones with the most experience in spinal surgery. 

3. All Neurosurgery Is Incredibly Invasive 

The idea of neurosurgery may seem frightening if you’ve ever watched a medical drama, but it’s not always how it looks on television. While many forms of neurosurgery are invasive, this isn’t always the case.

Some neurosurgery uses small incisions and some use no incisions at all. There are, of course, forms of neurosurgery that require large incisions and a more in-depth recovery, but that’s not all neurosurgeons are capable of. 

4. Only Major Cities Have the Best Neurosurgeons 

On TV, you’ll see stories about people traveling across the country to a major coastal city to find a neurosurgeon that’s capable of helping them. While neurosurgeons are more plentiful in major cities, even small and mid-sized cities often have talented neurosurgeons.

Even in Nashville, a mid-sized city, we have neurosurgeons who are ready to meet your needs. They’re highly educated and qualified and you’ll receive top-notch care in your own city. 

Do You Need Neurosurgery in Nashville, TN? 

The idea of getting neurosurgery, or even seeing a neurosurgeon for a consultation, can be scary if you’ve been convinced that these myths are true. 

Neurosurgery is major surgery, but remember that your surgeon may have other treatment plans for you. You should never put off a consultation with a neurosurgeon if you know something is wrong. 

At Howell Allen Clinic, we offer best-in-class neurosurgery in Nashville, TN to all of our patients. Contact us to set up an appointment today.