Each year, 1.4 million Americans suffer from some kind of head injury, with 275,000 admitted to hospital.

If you are one of them, It’s normal to feel overwhelmed. Many questions are likely to arise before surgery, especially when you require surgery on the brain. One question you may have is ‘What can I do to prepare myself for this type of procedure’?

Neurosurgery covers a wide variety of surgeries. Browse through this blog if you want to know more about complex brain tumors and how they are treated.

Continue reading below to learn some useful neurosurgery preparation tips.

Make Practical Arrangements

You won’t want to be too concerned with daily responsibilities in the days after the surgery. In the weeks leading up to the procedure, you should prepare some practical ideas so all your focus can be on healing.

If you are employed, book the necessary time off work. Speak to your supervisor about a plan to return to work with a reduced schedule.

Ask family or a friend to help with travel arrangements to the hospital and consider how you might fix your meals following the surgery.

Preoperative Testing and Meeting a Professional

In the ten days prior to brain surgery, you will visit the hospital to undergo blood tests, an electrocardiogram (EKG), chest x-ray, and other outpatient tests. You may also receive a physical examination as part of your preoperative testing.

On this day, you are also going to meet with an anesthesiologist, a doctor, or a nurse in order to discuss the procedure. You will discuss your medical history, the medications you are taking. To help put your mind at ease, you can prepare a list of your concerns in the days before so they can be addressed by a professional.

You should be permitted to take most of your regular medications, but you may be required to take some additional medication, as per the surgeon’s advice. Aspirin or anti-inflammatory drugs must not be taken for at least two weeks before surgery.

You may feel uncertainty and anxiety during these days, so try to set aside some time to be with family or close friends.

The 24 Hours Before Surgery

Hopefully, you’ve already prepared a bag with your belongings, including medications, glasses, and comfortable clothing. You will typically fast for 24 hours before surgery, but follow the orders from your medical team regarding rules for eating and drinking.

Before going to the preoperative area, you will change into a hospital gown. Don’t forget to remove all your jewelry. 

An intravenous line (IV) will be placed in your arm. Additional IVs and catheters will be placed after you have been sedated.

These Preparation Tips Will Serve You Well

It’s great to prepare yourself before surgery, but it’s also important to stop and breathe deeply. Neurosurgery has made considerable advancements, and experienced neurosurgeons perform hundreds of brain surgeries every year.

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