Chronic back pain is experienced by 8% of Americans. This pain can be frustrating because it can have a negative impact on people’s lives. People may need to call off of work, cancel plans with friends, and avoid certain activities.

You may be wondering how exactly to go about managing back pain.

Continue reading to learn about the ways to manage your back pain and when surgery can be beneficial.

Managing Back Pain

There are many ways to go about managing your back pain.

Whether they are simple or more complex, each of these can help with providing some relief.


Keeping active helps with many conditions, chronic back pain included.

The less active you are, the more likely your back pain will continue giving you trouble. For some, getting up and about can be difficult due to their pain, but doing what you can do will help. Something as simple as going for a walk can help you alleviate your back pain. 

Besides walking, there are many other exercises for back pain. Do exercises that are comfortable for you and will not cause you to push yourself too hard.

If you are not sure which exercises will be best for your situation, physical therapy can help. When seeing a physical therapist, they can set up the perfect routine for you.

Modify Your Diet 

What you eat plays a role in chronic back pain.

Getting more calcium and vitamin D in your diet is important for your bones. This can help with bone mass.

Some foods cause inflammation. Processed foods, alcohol, and more. Avoiding these foods can decrease the amount of inflammation in your back. 

Including foods that are anti-inflammatory in your diet is a way to fight any inflammation causing your back pain.

OTC Medications

There are certain over-the-counter medications you should take to help with inflammation and pain.

Tylenol helps with pain relief, but medications such as ibuprofen and naproxen help with pain caused by inflammation. 

Knowing what medications help with what will help you find the medication you need for your back pain.


If you have tried home remedies and they have failed to give you any relief, injections are an option.

There are different kinds of injections:

  • Epidural
  • Nerve Block
  • Discography

Considering Back Surgery

Some people, unfortunately, do not find much relief from different remedies and treatments.

If you are one of those people, surgery may be for you. Speaking with a doctor will help you decipher whether or not surgery is the best option for your back pain concerns.

At Howell Allen, we offer different services to help with your pain:

  • Lumbar Instrumented Spinal Fusion
  • Decompressive Lumbar Laminectomy
  • Lumbar Microdiscectomy

Find Relief Today

Living with chronic back pain can be extremely exhausting, especially when you struggle to find relief. Figuring out what best helps you with managing back pain will give you back the life you once had before the chronic back pain.

Our team is dedicated to helping you find the relief you have been looking for. If you are considering back surgery or have any questions, reach out and contact us