If your back and spine doctor has recommended neurosurgery, you aren’t alone. Each year, more than 22 million patients see a neurosurgeon for some reason or other. Many require surgery.

If that’s where you’ve found yourself, you may be asking what makes a good neurosurgeon. Chances are you’re overwhelmed and want the best neurosurgeon you can find.

It takes a bit more than a Google search for the “best neurosurgeon near me.” Keep reading to find out what neurosurgeon qualifications you should be looking for. 

1. Empathy

Facing a medical problem, including surgery, can be scary. For that reason, you want a neurosurgeon and a spinal surgery center that is empathetic to what you’re going through. 

Your goal is to find someone who addresses you as an individual. That includes your physical health, but also your mental wellness.

2. Experience

When you’re looking for neurosurgery in Nashville, TN, you want someone who knows what they’re doing. That means looking for more than a “surgical center near me.”

Ask about qualifications. Find out how many other patients with the same condition that the doctor has treated. This ensures good care but also gives you peace of mind. 

3. Effective Communication

Anytime you’re undergoing a medical procedure, you want to have a good understanding of what to expect. 

That means your neurosurgeon needs to be able to communicate the entire process effectively

4. Detail Oriented

When you’re looking for the best neck surgeon, you need to know that precision is a priority. That gives you peace of mind that your surgery will be successful. 

You can ask about past procedures and their outcome to find out more about this.

5. Willing to Listen

Just as communication to you is vital, communication from you is also important. The right neurosurgeon will be a good listener. 

He or she will be able to address any concerns and questions you have about your treatment.

6. Professional Development

Just like most aspects of the healthcare industry, neurosurgery continues to evolve. When you go looking for “spinal surgeons near me,” be sure you find out about their commitment to professional development. 

This includes attending conferences, learning new treatment techniques, and staying put to date on the latest research in the field. 

7. Teamwork

Your neurosurgeon isn’t going to carry out every aspect of your care. One of the best steps in learning how to choose a neurosurgeon is paying attention to the team they work with. 

Meet the nurses, clinic staff, and anyone else who will be part of your care. Good teamwork is a big plus.

8. Comfort and Preference

Depending on your health condition, you may be spending a lot of time with your neurosurgeon. That means you should like him or her. 

Make sure you trust and feel comfortable around your doctor. This translates into better care and more effective communication.

Finding the Best Neurosurgeon Today

Now that you know how to find the best neurosurgeon, you’re ready to get started. The sooner you find the ideal candidate, the sooner your care can move forward. 

Someone you like and that has the experience required to care for you is important. Meet the country’s leading surgeons and you’ll agree that you’ve found the very best. 

Call us today. We can’t wait to meet you.