Chronic back pain affects 16 million adults here in the United States. Patients with severe back pain are more likely to miss work and spend days laid up in bed. 

If you’re dealing with a middle back injury causing you to miss out on work and other activities, there are solutions. Visiting a back doctor can help you find a treatment or procedure that can improve your quality of life. 

Find out what can cause middle back pain and the treatment options offered here at Howell Allen Clinic. 

When to See a Back Specialist

Common causes of middle back pain include poor posture, herniated disks, fractures, injuries, etc. A middle back injury caused by a fall or some type of blunt force trauma can result in damage to the thoracic spine

Symptoms of nerve damage include: 

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Reduced sensation in your arms and legs
  • No bladder or bowel control
  • Constipation
  • No feeling in your rectal area or genitals

You must seek immediate medical attention if you suspect nerve damage after an injury. 

A primary care doctor can help with mild discomfort or pain in the middle back. However, chronic pain may require a specialist, such as a back doctor or spine surgeon. 

What Does a Back and Spine Doctor Do? 

When you first see a back and spine specialist, they’ll ask about your medical history, including when you started experiencing back problems. They’ll also conduct various examinations and tests to diagnose the issue. 

A back doctor will examine your range of motion and reflexes, check for tenderness, and so on. You may get X-rays, CT scans, or MRIs. Back and spine specialists use the latest technology and techniques to find the cause of your pain and help come up with a treatment plan. 

Depending on the severity of your injury, treatment may involve a few different treatments and procedures. Doctors might discuss physical therapy or back surgery. You can also ask about any home remedies that can help speed up your healing time. 

There are many minimally invasive procedures available to patients with chronic pain, such as Lumbar Instrumented Spinal Fusions. In the most severe cases, patients may require surgery

Do I Need Spine Surgery? 

Most patients experiencing back pain won’t require surgery. There are plenty of non-surgical treatments doctors will likely try or recommend first. The first step is to diagnose the problem and go over your options. 

Here at Howell Allen, we won’t recommend surgery unless it’s determined that other treatment options have not helped and surgery may improve a patient’s quality of life. 

Surgery is generally reserved for patients experiencing pain due to deformities, bone growths, disk problems, etc. 

Find Relief From a Middle Back Injury

If you’re suffering from a middle back injury that’s causing you pain, you have options for relief. Talk to your doctor and seek out a back and spine specialist to diagnose the issue. A spine surgery center can help you start living your life pain-free again. 

Are you looking for the best neurosurgeon for your needs in Nashville, TN? Here at Howell Allen, we offer a variety of treatment options designed to help patients with back and spine pain. Contact us to meet with one of our doctors today.