In 2018, neurological conditions affected twenty million people living in the US. If you’ve recently been informed that you need neurosurgery, the last thing you want is to be stressed over which surgeon you should choose. Here are the steps to choosing the best neurosurgeon for your needs.

1. Go Over Your Insurance Benefits

If you’re planning on covering part or all of the costs of surgery with insurance, make sure you review your benefits package to find out who’s in your network and what you can expect to pay. You should also look into the costs of going out of network and if there are ways to lower your costs. 

2. Get Referrals

Your primary care professional or a specialist may be able to refer you to a neurosurgeon near you. Make sure to ask them questions regarding their interactions with them or any earlier information you can gather to factor into your decision. 

3. Consider Their Experience, Education, and Credentials

There are many different types of neurosurgery, so before your consultation, you should look over the surgeon’s experience with the specific type of surgery you need. You’ll also need to look over their credentials and certifications.

Additionally, you should factor in where they obtained their education and training and if they keep abreast of the latest trends and methodologies within the field. 

4. Examine the Quality and Location of the Hospital or Facility

Knowing the facility or hospital where the surgery will take place is also essential. What do others say about the quality of service they experienced? At your consultation, were the staff friendly and accommodating?

The location is also important, especially if your surgery is out of town. Make sure to consider its distance from pharmacies, grocery stores, and other places you may need to visit. And you should keep this in mind when booking a hotel, as you’ll want to factor in the commute from the hospital or facility to where you’ll be staying.

5. Read Their Reviews

To be sure that they’re the best neurosurgeon for you, read reviews on their etiquette. What were other patients’ experiences like? Did they have to deal with long wait times or difficulties scheduling appointments?

Knowing what others’ experiences with the doctor were like will help you make an informed decision on whether or not you’d feel comfortable with them operating on you. 

6. Consider Their Communication Style

One of the most important things to evaluate in your consultation is their communication style. Neurosurgeons should approach every patient individually and recognize that symptoms and effects may differ from person to person.

Do they have a sense of empathy and support for your illness and how it affects you specifically? You should also note if they include you in decisions and make an effort to make you feel comfortable and safe. 

7. Evaluate Their Team and Support Staff 

If the surgeon has a specific team that they work with, or the hospital provides specific staffing for your procedure, it’s crucial to find their credentials. You should feel comfortable communicating with them and feel they understand and know about their role in the surgery.

This is important in all the parts of your surgery journey, from the days leading up to the operation to the day itself and afterward, as you may have many follow-up appointments.

Choose the Best Neurosurgeon For You

Choosing a neurosurgeon is a significant decision, but following these steps will help you choose the right surgeon for you.

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Schedule a consultation today and move forward with your healthcare journey with the best neurosurgeon for you.