A back and spine doctor can help you with several conditions. If you’re experiencing specific symptoms, there’s a good chance that seeing a back and spine doctor would prove beneficial for your health. In that case, you might wonder, “How do I find spinal surgeons near me?”

Keep reading for six signs you need to see a back and spine doctor and the answer to that question.

1. Bladder and Bowel Problems

Back nerve damage can cause abdominal pain and problems with digestion. If you must use the bathroom often or spend an unusual amount of time in the restroom, you may need to see a back specialist.

2. Fever With Back Pain

Although highly uncommon, cancerous bacterial infections can start in the spine and spread to other organs, causing discomfort in the abdominal and pelvic region and radiating to your lower back. A fever accompanied by this kind of pain could indicate this kind of rare condition, requiring the services of a back and spine specialist.

3. Pain in Legs or Feet

A herniated disc can interfere with leg muscle control, creating pressure on your nerves or spine and leading to a tingling sensation in your legs or feet. If you experience these kinds of sensations along with back pain, you may want to ask your primary care physician for a back and spine doctor referral.

4. Persistent Chronic Back Pain

Chronic pain persists for more than 12 weeks, even after recovering from underlying causes or injuries. If you’re experiencing persistent chronic pain, it’s time to book an appointment with a back and spine doctor.

5. Poor Quality of Life

You may have missed work or find that you’re unable to go about your regular exercise routine. It may even hurt to simply get out of bed. If your back pain is keeping you from living a normal life, you’ll need help from a back and spine specialist to get to the root of the problem.

6. Unusual Weight Loss

It’s fine to lose a few pounds, but conditions such as cancerous cells press against organs in other body parts resulting in pain accompanied by rapid weight loss. If you’ve experienced recent unexpected weight loss and are also experiencing discomfort, you should visit a back and spine doctor so that they can check on your health.

When to See a Back and Spine Doctor

Back and spine doctors and neurosurgeons are both qualified medical professionals but with different training. A neurosurgeon has trained to treat brain and spine conditions. A back and spine doctor specializes in treating spine conditions.

When to See a Neurosurgeon

Fortunately, you’re usually not left with making the complex decision of deciding whether you need to see a neurosurgeon or back and spine specialist. Your primary care physician will make a diagnosis and provide you with a recommended option for treating back pain.

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