Are you currently recovering from spinal surgery? Are you eager to return to your daily way of life? Well, you should know that rushing to get back to your usual routine could be a huge mistake. 

Doctors perform over half a million spinal surgeries a year, and that’s only including lower back surgeries. The problem is that many people don’t consider the fact that ignoring the recovery process can cause long-lasting damage. 

Recovering from surgery requires patience, and if this applies to you then don’t look away. This guide will tell you about 5 tips that can make your back surgery recovery much less painful.

1. Don’t Miss Out on sleep

Sleep is your body’s most effective tool for repairing damage. Yet it can be easy to ignore this vital function your body requires.

After surgery, you may miss out on sleep because of post-surgery pain, but it’s vital that you take every measure possible to get a good night’s sleep. 

For example, it may help to change the position you’re sleeping in. You can also utilize support in the form of more pillows. 

2. Avoid Activities That Could Strain Your Back

Following a spinal surgery, you’ll need to cut back on activities that could cause additional strain on your back. These include any movements like bending or lifting heavy objects.

It may be hard to accept at first, but the lawn is going to have to stay unmowed for a while. 

3. Proper Pain Management Is Key

It’s normal to feel pain following surgical procedures. At the same time, approaching your pain improperly can damage your spinal surgery recovery process. 

You should always mention to your doctor when your pain is becoming uncontrollable post-surgery. They will make sure to prescribe you pain medication that will allow you to focus your attention on getting better. 

4. Keep a Close Eye on The Operated Area

When you’re recovering from surgery, you need to make sure not to neglect the incision area. It is possible that an infection may pop up that can prolong the recovery period at best, and be life-threatening at worst.

You should watch out for any prolonged swelling or pus that appears at the site of the surgery. 

5. Your House Should Accommodate Your Condition

A common mistake people make during surgery recovery time is not outfitting their house to fit their needs. For example, buying a grabber will allow you to reach faraway objects without exerting your back.

You should also educate yourself about common stressors your back can face in  the home too. 

Don’t Ignore Back Surgery Recovery

It’s easy to think that you’re in the clear once your operation is over with, but recovering from surgery is a major element in your battle. 

Back surgery recovery is no joke, and ignoring the necessary precautions can hamper you going forward.

If back pain is impeding your mobility, you need care that is concise and knowledgeable. That’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to contact the Howell Allen Clinic, where spine and brain surgery isn’t just a procedure, it’s a specialty.