Are you experiencing pain, numbness, or tingling in parts of your body that you can’t explain? Your problem may be a pinched nerve. 

Pinched nerve symptoms can appear in a few different ways. They are caused by soft tissues that are putting so much pressure on a nerve that it is unable to function properly. 

Often, this issue can lead you to need neurosurgery in Nashville, TN. In this article, we’ll go over five common pinched nerve symptoms to help you pinpoint your problem.

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1. Radiating Pain

If you have a pinched nerve in your lower back or neck, you may experience radiating pain. For example, a pinched nerve in your neck can radiate outward and you may feel pain in your wrist, hands, and fingers. 

Alternatively, if your pinched nerve is in your back, you might feel it in your hips, legs, and feet. If this sounds like you, you should consider visiting a spine surgery center to assess your symptoms. 

2. Numbness or Less Sensation

Pain is not the only symptom that can radiate. When you pinch a nerve in your back, wrist, or neck certain parts of your body can lose sensation or become numb. 

A pinched nerve in your neck may cause numbness in parts of your neck, but also other parts of your upper body. This includes your shoulder, wrist, hand, and fingers. 

Similarly, the pinched nerve symptoms of numbness and lost sensation can appear in your back. Pinching a nerve in your back can cause numbness in your hip, leg, or foot. 

3. Tingling or Feeling “Pins and Needles”

Most people are familiar with the sensation of pins and needles. This often happens if you compress your hand or foot for too long, restricting movement. 

When you begin feeling this sensation in your hip, shoulder, wrist, or leg, you could be dealing with a nerve problem. Pinched nerves can cause a tingling sensation along their normal pathway. 

If you often feel tingling or pins and needles in your arms or legs, you may have a pinched nerve. The best neck surgeon in Nashville can help you find and resolve this issue. 

4. Muscle Weakness

Muscle weakness is a common symptom of a pinched nerve. You might have difficulty with normal motor functions such as walking or holding items. 

If you can’t explain your muscle weakness, you’ll need to go to a back and spine doctor to have your symptoms diagnosed.  

5. Your Hands or Feet “Fall Asleep”

It’s normal for your hands or feet to fall asleep from a period of compression. As you massage your hand or foot, it will tingle and eventually go back to its normal sensations. 

Yet, if your hands or feet fall asleep for apparently no reason, a pinched nerve could be the culprit.

Realize Your Pinched Nerve Symptoms 

If you identify with many of these pinched nerve symptoms, it might be time to visit the best neurosurgeon in Nashville, TN. 

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