About 16 million people suffer from a spine injury or some type of spinal cord pain.

Whether you are one of these people or not, you don’t have to be! There are ways to prevent lower back pain and improve your spine health on a day-to-day basis.

Interested? Keep reading to learn about five easy ways to boost your spine health!

1. Weekly Spine Exercises

While you may be thinking, ‘how am I supposed to remember to do weekly spine exercises?’, that’s not what we mean!

There are plenty of exercises that actually help your spine health, such as:

  • Yoga
  • Strength training
  • Running
  • Swimming
  • Brisk walking

And that’s just naming a few! There are so many exercises that can help your spine health.

2. Practice Proper Posture

One thing that can often get away from us on a daily basis is our posture.

However, having poor posture can lead to a ton of spinal problems. Even if they do not happen immediately, over time, poor posture can cause a plethora of issues.

So when do you need to pay attention to your posture? Here are a few times when poor posture may get the best of you:

  • When sitting in your office chair working
  • Sitting on a bed to work on your laptop
  • Walking hunched over
  • Lifting heavy objects with your back instead of your legs and arms

Setting a reminder on your phone for every hour to fix your posture can begin to make it a habit.

3. Work on Your Sleeping Position 

Believe it or not, your sleeping position can actually impact your spinal health as well. If you wake up with pain, try to remember how you slept.

Usually, sleeping curled up or in a slouched position can impact your back and neck. Try sleeping on your back stretched out to reduce any pain or tenderness in your back.

4. Lift Properly

When you lift with your back, you can damage parts of your spine and muscles in your back. The same goes for trying to reach objects that are on higher shelves – putting this strain on your back can eventually cause issues.

To avoid this, get a step stool. When you lift heavier objects, make sure to bend over with your legs and not your back (squat), and then grab it with your arm and leg muscles rather than your back.

5. Watch Your Sitting Time

If you have an office job, it’s important that you don’t stay sitting for 8 hours a day. Make sure to get up and move around as much as you can to work your back some and fix your posture.

Improve Your Spine Health

Your spine health can dictate the health of your everyday life. If you’re in pain, you’re not going to be living your best life. If you feel great, you will.

If you’re ready to end your back pain for good, contact us for a consultation for your spine health! We want you to live the best life you can!