There are over 1 million spine procedures performed every year. That includes 1.62 million instrumented procedures and 352,000 interbody fusions.

It’s one of the most common surgeries because it contributes to one of the most common medical problems; back pain. Finding relief without developing complications means finding a qualified, experienced surgeon. 

Read on to learn 3 tips in your search for “spinal surgeons near me.” 

1. Verify Their Credentials and Experience

Every spine surgery center needs to be certified by a major body. The Texas Medical Board website can let you check which doctors are licensed to perform neurosurgery in local cities such as Nashville, TN. Go there to learn more about their credibility.

They should proudly hang their certificate on the wall for everyone to see. They should also tell you if they have extra qualifications such as fellowship training.

The thing that differentiates one certified spine surgeon from another is experience. Find out how long they’ve been in business. Check how many times they’ve performed the procedure you need and if they specialize in it.  

2. Get Referrals and See What Past Patients Thought

Back pain is one of the most common reasons for visiting a doctor’s office. See if they can refer you to a back and spine doctor that they trust. 

Spine surgery for back pain is so common that you may even have friends and family who’ve undergone a procedure at a local center. Ask them where they went and if they would recommend it to you.

If you can’t get any word-of-mouth recommendations, pay attention to a specific area of all your online results for “spinal surgeons near me.” Look at all the ones that have reviews or testimonials attached to them. You can also look at their social media page or review sites to gauge how they worked with other patients.

3. Check Out the Facility and Meet the Surgeon in Person

Visit each result from your search for a “surgical center near me.” See if it’s clean and inviting enough for you to feel comfortable there. 

Once you’ve found the best practice, you’ll need to find the best neurosurgeon by setting up a consultation. Begin by asking questions to find out:

  • What procedure they recommend and why
  • What risks are involved 
  • How long recovery takes 
  • Whether or not you’ll need physical therapy or special care

These questions will let you know what to expect during and after the procedure. They’ll also make sure that if you go under the knife, you feel comfortable with who’s holding it.

Where to Find the Best Spinal Surgeons Near Me

When looking for “spinal surgeons near me,” always make sure they’re certified and credible. See how experienced they are and if they specialize in the procedure you need.

Look at reviews and testimonials to see what they’ve done for other patients. Visit the office and speak with the surgeon to see if you feel comfortable enough to trust them with your care. 

The Howell Allen Clinic has a team of experienced spine surgeons. Contact us today to begin working towards relief.